Test technology for sensors: MPH Automation

MPH Test Automation develops and constructs turnkey testing solutions for the quality inspection of sensors in the form of inline testing machines, test benches, and testing devices. Electrical testing is normally integrated into the test process here. MPH Test Automation is also a great point of contact for the testing of intelligent and optical sensors. Another area of expertise in our company is test technology for gas sensors.

MPH can deliver a complete solution or cover defined task areas. This makes us a great development partner for customers who want to keep certain areas of expertise within their own company, such as test software. In such cases, we are able to develop just the mechanical and electrical aspects of a test station and then integrate the customer's own test software by means of an interface.

Test technology for exhaust gas sensors

One of MPH's skill fields is testing machines for gas sensors. For example, for one major automotive supplier we deliver test technology for exhaust gas sensors to plants in Europe, North America, and Asia. We check and calibrate oxygen and nitric oxide sensors by simulating the exhaust mixture. Our machines are in use 24/7, 365 days a year.

Test technology for gas sensors

MPH's expertise in the field of gas circuitry can also be beneficial for many other types of gas sensor. This includes smoke detectors and inert gas sensors. Furthermore, there are possible applications in areas you would not immediately think of - airbags, for example. Here, we use standardised clock spring test modules, test heads, and testing machines for the automotive supplier industry. Explanation: A clock spring is the part in the steering wheel that transmits information to the pyrotechnic systems. These systems also play a critical safety-related role. During the turning motion, the torque curve is recorded. The electrical parameters are checked in parallel.

Test technology for optical sensors; contact-free final testing

Another of our focal areas is final testing devices for optical and contact-free sensors and other intelligent sensors (for example, ultrasonic sensors). Here, we have already implemented numerous applications in the field of industrial sensors, e.g. for reflection light barriers and laser position sensors. Sensors are secured in a test bench and tested with different targets at defined distances. An intelligent example for sensor technology is a test station for a sensor that reports the position of the hydraulic piston in a hydraulic cylinder using a contact-free method. We also construct testing machines for the calibration of thermal imaging cameras. To sum up: If you want to calibrate sensors or products, place your trust in our test and measurement technology.

Test automation for parking sensors

Modern parking sensors are normally built into the bumpers of cars. They take the form of small, thimble-shaped metal capsules with integrated electronics. The surface - which peeks out of the bumper - must be completely flat and free from scratches. We carry out surface quality testing by means of an automated method using a 3D scanner and modern camera test technology.

  • Exhaust gas sensors
  • Gas sensors, airbag sensors (clock springs)
  • Parking sensors
  • Optical sensors
  • Reflection light sensors
  • Sensors for thermal imaging cameras
  • And much more...