Test technology for the electronics industry

MPH Test Automation develops, produces, and delivers test systems and testing machines for the electronics industry. The product range encompasses the full spectrum of visual inspections of components and component surfaces, as well as the function checking of control elements. In addition, we offer test technology for intelligent sensors. We can even provide cleanroom applications, since MPH boasts particle-free systems. MPH testing machines are used whenever the automatic testing of parts is required in the electrical industry, e.g. in the production of entertainment systems, industrial electronics, automotive electronics, aerospace electrics, and so on. We produce standalone test stations as well as inline testing equipment, usually including a handling system or robot.

  • Functional checking of electrical equipment, devices, and machines
  • Testing of touchpanels, buttons, rotary buttons, and other control elements of all kinds
  • Testing of mirroring and reflective surfaces, e.g. silver, electroplated, and metal surfaces
  • Surface testing of glues, layers, semiconductors, industrial glass, solar surfaces, and so on
  • Sensor tests of all kinds
  • Manual assembly stations for sensors where electronic parts are coupled with optics
  • Test and calibration stations for electronic components, e.g. thermal imaging calibration machines
  • Vehicle electronics, CAN bus communication for intelligent sensors
  • Contact-free measurement and testing, recognition and classification of parts