Test technology for the semiconductor/ceramics industry

MPH offers special test technology and inspection solutions in cleanroom conditions for the semiconductor industry. We use particle-free robot systems from Genmark or from Integrated Solutions in Sensorial Structure Engineering here. We integrate modern camera inspection technology into our testing machines, often in combination with patented lighting technology. This allows us to meet requirements for tests such as layer thickness measurement, surface inspections, profile measurement, roughness tests, wafer inspections, and much more.

MPH Test Automation's technology is also geared up for special cleanroom applications. For example, in the case of wafers requiring gluing, we measure the height of the applied adhesive in a cleanroom by means of a profile scan. In the case of ceramic substrates, we measure the values of the printed resistors in cleanroom conditions. We deliver solutions for the following:

  • Inspection of semiconductors in cleanroom conditions
  • Special applications where semiconductors are used to make sensors
  • Ceramics: Electronic circuits installed in the engine compartment, e.g. engine control units for ABS
  • Before chips are bonded to circuits, they pass through a quality gate, and we check whether the values are satisfactory.