Test technology, automation, and handling systems from a single source

MPH Automation offers innovative and efficient handling systems for rational processes for testing machines and systems (or separately, if preferred).

The most important thing here is the flexibility of our handling systems. To increase rationalisation, various handling processes can be automated. Naturally, high availability and short cycle times are also really important to us.

A broad spectrum of handling systems

MPH Test Automation offers a broad range of solutions in the field of handling and delivery systems. These are selected in accordance with your requirements and are optimally designed for your application. We have the right technology for each process step, whether it involves the feeding of parts or their positioning. We can provide robots, SCARA robotics, linear units, MMC robots, palletisers, conveying technology, and much more. With mini-robots, we can also close the gap between simple linear units and more expensive robot systems.

High quality in small spaces

Compact, cost-saving applications are the be-all and end-all in automation. With our systems, we can accommodate several handling steps or axes in really small installation spaces if this is what you require. Furthermore, our systems are characterised by their speed and positioning accuracy in the µ range. Our product range includes various gripper-based systems for simple pick and place tasks and for loading and unloading.

New: MMC robots, including for collaboration

The new field of MMC (man-machine communication) robots is also no problem for MPH Test Automation. We will find the most suitable MMC robot technology for your measurement and test applications. This also applies when it comes to collaboration between man and machine.

Important: Cycle times

In all tests, cycle times are vital. Here, we collaborate with our customers to win back every single tenth of a second, in order to make savings by reducing the length of prescribed test cycles. Often, this can be done by fast handling alone, whether by means of a special handling system or a clever handling concept. For example, sequential checks or dual contact units might help here. Each test result is documented to ensure accurate traceability later on..