About us

About us: MPH Test Automation

As an expanding company in the field of test technology, test automation, and quality assurance, our strengths lie in engineering/design and the manufacturing of test technology that is individually and specially tailored in line with your products and needs. We offer automation and integration of suitable handling systems, from grippers to measuring robots. In particular, we adapt the control and robotic technologies in line with your requirements.

We also incorporate camera systems for optical inspections, contacting for electronic tests, and lasers for physical checks. After all, visual inspections are exhausting and time-consuming. Even the best workers make mistakes after several hours of checking. Our visual inspection stations are tailored to your specific requirements by experienced measurement engineers and sensor technology experts in accordance with the latest state of technology. The measured parameters are: Length, height, width, completeness/type, quantity, gap width, and more.

How we work – the benefits for you

  • Precise clarification of customer requirements
  • High-quality execution
  • State-of-the-art technology Integration into your production environment
  • On-site commissioning
  • Continuous after-sales service

Project management

Even at the tendering stage, our team (consisting of experts in mechanical design, electrical planning, and software design) prepare a rough concept that serves as the basis for your proposal. Once the order has been placed, a project schedule is created. As well as deadlines and milestones, this specifies which work steps are to be performed by whom and whether external allocation is required in order for deadlines to be met.

Design/electrical planning

We use SOLIDWORKS for mechanical design. We carry out electrical planning using ePlan®. All circuit diagrams, manuals, and system documentation are also stored in the form of PDF files on the hard drive of the control computer. Our customers can access the circuit diagrams, manuals, and system documentation via our FTP server.


We use high-quality development environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Beckhoff TwinCat, OpCon, LabView, TestStand, and so on for software creation for measurement technology applications.

You can commission us to create the software for your solution or you can develop your test software yourself, and we will simply integrate it for you. We are also happy to take on responsibility for subareas of your test technology. For projects where you wish to keep core areas within your own company, we are the ideal development partner.