Test technology for medical applications and components

In the field of medical technology, much is still checked manually by operators. Automated testing is increasingly being used for larger quantities only. Here, automation is second to none when it comes to quality and speed. In such cases, MPH Test Automation is your ideal partner.

Function checks, surface testing, and visual inspections

MPH is an experienced partner for function checks for electrical medical devices, as well as for surface testing and visual or contact-free inspection of sensors and measurement devices, including calibration.

Cleanroom? No problem!

We offer customers who manufacture products in a sterile atmosphere a broad range of expertise with regard to cleanroom production using particle-free test technology. Our testing machines combine a host of expertise from the wafer field, where requirements like those of the medical technology sector prevail.

Mirroring or reflective surfaces? No problem!

Do you produce precision parts for the medical technology sector and require proven surface checking for mirroring and reflective parts? No problem. Whether the parts are metal or electroplated, we offer special camera systems for which reflections are simply part of everyday life.

  • Function checking of medical devices with electronic components, such as blood glucose meters
  • Impermeability testing of medical products or components, e.g. medical transport cases
  • Cleanroom tests in a sterile atmosphere with particle-free robotic systems
  • Surface check of mirroring or reflective parts, including metal and electroplated parts etc.
  • Testing of control elements (buttons, touchpads, rotary buttons, switches etc.)
  • Testing of intelligent sensors
  • Contact-free measurement and testing, recognition and classification of parts