Test technology for automotive manufacturers and suppliers

Safeguarding quality and optimising processes. As well as taking over the world, cars have redefined quality benchmarks on a global scale. In light of the large quantities and high cost pressure, material defects and production rejects always have major financial disadvantages for car manufacturers and - above all - for suppliers. The consequences of quality defects can be grave, especially in the case of safety-related system components. This is why quality requirements in the automotive sector are so stringent. As well as being ISO-certified since 2001, MPH is focused on the requirements of the automotive industry as a result of the numerous projects that we have already carried out. We meet all of the requirements of the sector, and during construction we carry out an FMEA, implement a process management system with project planning, and achieve fast implementation phases through the use of prefabricated modules. In particular, we offer the following in the field of test technology for the automotive industry:

  • Exhaust gas sensors (Lambda, NOx)
  • Gas sensors (e.g. clock springs for airbags)
  • Inspection of mirroring or shiny surfaces (metal, electroplated etc.)
  • Testing of all kinds of control elements (touchpanels, buttons, rotary buttons, switches, levers etc., primarily in-car entertainment and navigation systems)
  • Vehicle sensors, CAN bus, LIN bus etc.
  • Intelligent sensors of all kinds, such as parking sensors
  • And much more...