Test technology and test automation for electroplated surfaces

Electroplating can be found in all areas of everyday life. Mobile phones, cars, washbasin taps – practically everywhere, electroplated layers protect the base material from corrosion as well as making products look attractive.

MPH Test Automation: A specialist for optical test technology

MPH is a specialist for optical test technology for electroplated surfaces. Any company that still uses human operators for the quality assurance and sorting of parts has great potential for rationalisation here. Decorative parts such as a decorative ring around the speedometer or a ventilation grille are given a shiny surface in an electroplating bath. MPH's automated test technology ensures that components that do not meet quality requirements are reliably sorted out. The process is efficient and automated.

MPH meets the high requirements of even the automotive industry here, including with regard to chrome-plated surfaces. We really put a shine on automated electroplating. For optical component measurement, we adapt to your quality requirements with regard to defect type and size in accordance with the procedure at hand. In doing so, we draw upon more than 20 years of experience in this area.

  • Testing of electroplated surfaces
  • Quality assurance, sorting out of parts
  • Contact-free measurement and testing, recognition and classification of parts